Star BrakesStarts Brake Safety Campaign with Free Brake Lights
Brake Lights Replaced for Free at Star Brakes Locations

: StarBrakes is giving free brake light replacements for all privately-owned vehicles in the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan area until the end of the year. Starbrakes, is embarking on a brake safety educational campaign at our locations.

“Starbrakes is very concerned about the safety of children. With school out, it is vital that people handle any brake issues on their cars to keep our children safe. Many people forget to replace their brake lights. We are replacing the brake lights for everyone at no charge to commemorate the need for brake safety.” stated Israel, manager of Starbrakes

“It is also disheartening to see so many people get pulled over just because their brake tail lights are out. We would like to be able to save people the hassle while, of course, keeping them safe,” he said.

“We want to make a positive mark in our community by finding ways to improve the quality of life here. We will continue to find creative activities, like implementing brake safety awareness, to fulfill that objective,”