$88 Brakes
Brakes are an important safety feature of your vehicle. Maintenance is key to making sure that your brakes do what they were designed to do - stop your vehicle when needed.
Free Brake Inspection

You can come into your neighborhood Starbrakes Center without an appointment for a free brake -- anti-lock and regular -- inspection. One of our technicians will examine your entire brake system -- pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, anti-lock systems, rotor/drum wear and calipers. Then we will tell you what, if anything, is needed.
Pads and Shoe Replacement
We use quality replacement parts that meet or exceed your vehicle manufacturer's specification.
Resurface or Replace Rotors or Drums

To ensure your brake rotors or drums have a clean, even surface -- necessary for proper braking, we will resurface or "turn" them, keeping the rotor/drum within your vehicle manufacturer's recommended specifications for minimum thickness. If they need to be replaced, then we will tell you up front and provide a written estimate too.
Bleed and fill hydraulic system
Sometimes braking can become unsteady due to air bubbles in your vehicle's hydraulic brake line. By 'bleeding' your brakes, we will remove troublesome air bubbles and refill your hydraulic brake fluid to the manufacturer's recommended level with hydraulic fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer's specifications.