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STARBRAKES offers a brake inspection at no charge

Because of the amount of brake repair that we do at STARBRAKES, we are able to offer great value when it comes to replacing your brake pads.
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Our $88.00 price includes
Premium Brake Pads
Labor to Install

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Brake pads wear out. We inspect your car to determine the condition of rotors, drums, hardware, brake fluid, master cylinder, calipers, lines, cables and wheel cylinders. Measuring and inspecting these parts is the way to make a decision on replacing them. We have great prices on these parts, if needed them, or to up grade your brake system. We measure rotors to determine the thickness. We take you out in the garage, explain our inspection, and let you decide what repairs to make.

Starbrakes will inspect your vehicle at no charge. Starbrakes does this so that if there is anything else that is needed on your car, you will know up front, before we start any work. If you change your brakes early, when you first see signs of wear, ( See our section on Brake Warning Signs), you can avoid damage to other parts such as rotors or calipers. Rotors and calipers and hardware wear out, but with proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of them.

Getting brakes for your car, just got easier! The Justin are experts in brake repair, better prices, and better service. Best in brakes, Starbrakes

Starbrakes is the place to have a brake change. Starbrakes is the specialist in brake repair. Starbrakes offers free brake check as well. Open 8am to 6pm six days a week. Get Brakes Portland . We are a North West owned Brake Repair company. Starbrakes has location Vancouver. Starbrakes
Need a Brake Change ? Starbrakes can change brake pads.